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  1. hi everyone.. i would like to ask how long will it take for me to know if i passed the nclex in california? i cant avail of the quickresults, right? and how will i know if i passed other than waiting for the mail?

    i'll be taking it on the 21st and i really hope i pass.. any tips??

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  3. by   nursedandy
    No other way to know other than the official result coming directly from CBN. It usually takes a month before you receive the result by mail if you are in the philippines. No quick result! But if you provide SSN on application and passed, you can check your license thru their official web site under permanent license just by typing your complete name. Good luck on your exam!
  4. by   quami
    thanks so much!!!

    any tips like which review material is the most adviceable???

    cant help getting nervous....