Nclex, pvt, name taken off BON/Breeze

  1. Hi I just wanted to answer the questions I had after I took the nclex. I took my nclex Saturday afternoon finished at 5:13pm. More than half my test was SATA the test started off so easy then it got really hard. I know I got atleast 5 wrong lol. I did the Pearson view trick Sunday afternoon and got the good pop up. Also on Sunday my name was on the board of nursing as pending. On Monday my pending application disappeared so I thought I had failed. Wrong! They were reviewing my application! Monday afternoon at exactly 5:13 my Pearson view quick results were available and I passes! So if your name disappears on the state website don't freak out! The questions on nclex will be nothing you've see before.. but def things you've studied! I used the Saunders book from school and ATI. My test stopped at 85 questions. I was breezing right through it at first then around 42 it got really difficult and started asking me questions I've never heard of lol. The SATA were easy then got hard. This test doesn't give you anything you can't handle! If you guys have any questions feel free to ask me! I'm more than will to answer and help. I was so worried those 48 hours are THE WORST. Lol
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