NCLEX prep--Step 1??

  1. hi. i'm a new cpne grad. in reading various posts on this site, it seems there's a wide variety of study techniques for this massive exam.
    i've saunders nclex-rn comprehensive review.
    should i just tackle it by doing xxx every day?? should i sign up/buy other books/courses?
    any, any advice would be much appreciated.
    i feel the same way i did when i got the cpne study guide in the mail! where to begin??? thanks in advance.
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  3. by   nurse1717
    moderator-any suggestions? No replies---should i erase this post???
    help please!
  4. by   Leilah75_RN
    you dont need expensive study materials to review. we have Suzanne's plan which is for free and makes 100% pass rate when done accordingly. Pls. find the sticky note about it on this forum (nclex discussion forum) entited She uses Saunders 3rd ed nothing else. there were lots of choices. if you want a classroom based review, you may have it too but it will cost you. onine reviews were good too. some of the members here tried kaplan with very good result.

    Best of luck...
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  7. by   nurse1717
    leillah75-thanks for the advice. i'm starting with saunders' review. the cd seems to be enough for me for now. i did see suzanne's plan. didn't know it had a 100% sucess rate! i'll try it too. anyone know the success rate of cpne passers who take the nclex?