NCLEX practice tests

  1. hey people!

    how goes it? i have a question regarding the nclex practice tests. i just took the kaplan 2001-2003 cd-rom practice test with 180 questions in three hours. i know how many i missed but i'm wondering if that's ok or not.
    i know the real nclex adjusts the difficulty of the questions depending on whether you answer correctly. then apparently once you answer enough questions at 50% or something, you have passed.
    since this practice test gives you the same 180 questions no matter what, i don't know what kind of score i should be looking at to pass. it doesn't say. anyone know anything about these practice tests?

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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    z, i have no first hand knowledge about the nclex pass/fail but guess i need to look into it, i took boards when it was paper and pencil.

    however, the more practice questions you do the better it will be. i would suggest to get more practice test besides the ones you have or at least understand why you missed the ones you did.

    nclex-rn will be nearing soon for you. all the best in your last semester of school.
  4. by   zacarias
    Thanks Stephany! Yes it will be soon. I will get some more tests. Of course I don't want to go overboard, I mean if I had no restraint, I'd have 5 NCLEX books now and 10 by the time I graduate!

    I actually am excited because I am able to "work" through a lot of the questions and critically think to answer the questions, which shows me that I HAVE indeed learned some things in these last couple years.

    Hope you are enjoying your break like I am!

  5. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks z, yes, i am enjoying my break too. you will do just fine!
  6. by   NurseWeasel
    I haven't even started school yet (16 days) and I've already got Delmar's RN NCLEX Review Cards and Saunders' Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN. I plan on buying the Lippincott review book too, closer to time for the actual exam. I'm of the "more is better" faction, lol.

    I plan on using the study guides as I'm learning, to make sure I'm "getting it" as I go. That way I'm exposed to the types of questions I'll be asked and the reasoning behind the answers.

    Best of luck to you!
  7. by   fourbirds4me
    I'm kinda wondering the same thing.... I've heard some students say that they consistantly got high 60's and 70's on their practice test and then did just fine on the NCLEX.
  8. by   zacarias

    Yes I think thta 60s and 70s sounds like a good number but I wasn't sure. See most of the questions on the practice tests are application questions, so I imagine that if you get more than 50% of them right, you are on your way to passing the NCLEX.

  9. by   RNIAM
    It is too bad that they can't come up with a similar practice program that shuts down like the nclex does. Do you think it is better to these practice things, or is it best just to go for it and write the test as soon as you graduate?