NCLEX PN yesterday, 190 questions, 90 minutes... too easy? bad sign? - page 2

Hi all, I've been browsing this site for a while, trying to find some info that will help me feel better about my test yesterday, but I can't! I went up to 190 questions in an hour and a half, NO... Read More

  1. by   jadedfish85
    took mine on thursday and it stopped at 85 .. i was so unsure what they mean by "hard" questions coz i never encountered any of such that we're brainwrecking.. it's starting to make me nervous, coz if they give you easy questions it means that u got the previous question wrong. i am seriously starting to worry, coz i didn't find it very difficult at all.. it would be such a shame to fail at 85
  2. by   MRSLEAN709
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    Hi!!!!!! Thanks For The Words Of Advice, I Received My Results Today.............. And I Passed!!!