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  1. Ok my story is.. after I got a denial from BRN letting me know I have to take Medsurg and OB class again for me to be able to take the NCLEX-RN exam. I decided to do LVN coz I cannot find schools here in CA that offers single classes I might have to take it out of the state and I dont want to put high hopes on it. Right now I am trying my Plan B which is to take the LVN, I am still waiting for the approval of my application I submitted last September , they deducted the fee already in my bank and haven't receive any letter of update on my application *sigh*. While waiting I am starting to review I don't want to regret things like what I did when I took my NCLEX-RN exam where I waited till my approval comes, set date, never really reviewed and failed . I took the RN 2x and failed, my 2nd try I did review but myself know that it wasnt enough, I did know the questions the exam was asking but I don't know if my answers were correct.

    As for doing this LVN exam I don't know where to start, I bought the NCLEX-PN Q&A from saunders 4e, I didnt bought the content because I have a Saunders NCLEX-RN comprehensive review and I noticed that the content for PN and RN were the same they just took out the IV's and of course initial assessments. (Its just bad that I didnt had the chance to take the RN exam after reading this whole Saunders-RN review book) .
    Anyone who took NCLEX-PN? any advice?
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  3. by   skbgirl
    This book worked for me, someone suggested it on this forum last year. I passed in June this year.
    "comprehensive review for nclex-pn - pearson reviews & rationales second edition - ISBN 013262141-X - amazon and barnes and noble both have it.
    There are actually nclex hints highlighted in this book.
    Good luck
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  4. by   Asteria
    I had the comprehensive for nclex-rn tho , I only bought the saunders Q&A for pn coz when checked it before buying i noticed only quite a few difference. I noticed too that the topics were all the same except that meds&IV and delegations were altered. Some of my friends tells me buy saunder's comprehensive review for pn some says that since I already have the comprehensive review for rn and only little difference, just stick with it . I just want to know if its worth getting it or not and right now I am confuse how to start my review. I don't even know how the exam style is for PN

    Thank you for sharing your advice I appreciate it.
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