NCLEX-PN failed

  1. So I have tried the pvt trick and I did not get a good pop up. So I'm pretty sure I failed. I know nothing is offical until I get the letter but that waiting game sucks. I am in California and took it the 14th. It was a Saturday so I did the trick today, Monday. I felt like I prepared so much but does anyone have any tips on retaking? Any study suggestions and maybe what helped you?
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  3. by   Syndy
    Hey. I'm also in California and like you I took the test on the 14th also. Just wanted to tell you that don't lose hope yet. Until we get the official result we don't know for sure if we pass or fail. Stay positive!
  4. by   BELLA_23
    thank you. The wait is killing me lol. I have checked my breeze acct and have the application for the initial license, but I don't want to get too happy. Have you heard anything?
  5. by   Syndy
    Congratulations! I think you passed it. It's a very good indicator. Nope still no words for me. Did you try the pvt trick?
  6. by   BELLA_23
    I did try it after the first time which I had done it wrong..but once I did it correctly I did get the "good pop up". Did you try it out? Or check the breeze?