Nclex march 2018 75 questions/ pvt trick/ uworld

  1. Hi all! I just recently took the NCLEX on 3/2/18 and I want to share my experience with some of you who are very anxious about the test. I visited this website for almost a straight week before I took the NCLEX to find tips on what kind of questions I should expect, what study materials others used, how the PVT trick works, etc. Needless to know, I was very anxious, and the forums here at ALLNURSES helped me cope with my anxiety. I thought to myself that when I pass the NCLEX, I should also try to help others the best way I could to ease their anxiety. So yeah. I am happy to share that I just passed the NCLEX and I am now an RN.

    I studied for a month and used only UWORLD. I answered at least 100 questions per day broken up in 20 or 30 questions per test because it gets very tiring and I want to absorb all the content that I am reading, also because I was working full time and I didn't have the time to answer too many questions at work. I was getting mostly 60% and above on the tests. I redid all my incorrect questions and learned them. READ THE RATIONALE. And I can't stress that enough. You have to understand why the answer is THE ANSWER. After redoing a lot of the tests and the ones I got incorrect, I got myself on the 96th percentile. I took the self-assessment and it gave me a very high chance of passing rate. I passed with 75 questions in 1.5 hr and I think a big part of it is because I did not just memorize while I was doing UWORLD, I really studied all the things I did not get right. I was always a fast test-taker in school but when I started with the few questions in the NCLEX, I was very nervous and I was averaging maybe a 1.5-2 mins each. After maybe 5 questions I took a deep breath and told my self that I got this! Almost half of my test is SATA, one picture, 2 EKGs, and the rest is multiple choice. The questions are tricky and the wordings they use in the NCLEX are a little bit different than UWORLD's, BUTTTT if you know the content and really understood the concepts, YOU WILL PASS THE TEST! NO DOUBT!

    After taking the test, I wanted to see my results immediately. I did the PVT trick right after and it gave me the good pop-up. Few hours later, I did it again and got the good pop-up. 48 hours later I checked pearson vue for quick result and there I have it. UNOFFICIAL RESULT: PASS.

    I hope that this post is helpful to some of you who are anxious about the test. Goodluck!
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