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    im from the phils and il b taking my nclex in guam this in early march..and im so nervous coz i never knew anyone who took the exam in guam.. if anybody here did, please let me know how the accommodations are..if the env't makes you feel well-rested before taking the exam..etc..i don't have anyone who will accompany me there will also be my first time in a foreign land and my first time alone in travelling to a foreign land..

    wish me luck and lots of blessings from god coz i ran into a lot of problems in taking the waiting for my att far longer than my other colleagues and being rejected in the embassy..but ol of those problems are over biggest obstacle now is taking and passing the nclex..please pray for me..thanks!!!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    i havent been in guam as an nclex taker so i cannot give u any information about it, im sorry. but it is good knowing that you passed the US immigration. i heard theyre a lil bit strict giving a visa to nclex test takers esp for filipinoes. anyways, the airport personnel in Guam are very strict with what you bring ie luggage etc. make sure you dont bring any photo copied material of any book. my roommate way back in college brought 10 pages (yep just 10 pages! of summarized normal values etc) of photocopied dianne Billings medical surgical nursing book and with her bad luck, anofficer searched her luggage (they do search luggage randomly not for everybody since prohibited materials often come from asia) and bec of those xeroxed pages, she is banned from entering any parts of USA until i dont know when. she wasnt able to take nclex as well.
    anyways, i am sure everything will be okay. dont be scared. think of it as a holiday. pray and take a deep breath. there are thousands of filipinoes in Guam. if you get lost, ask. thats what i do all the time hehehe...

    best of luck to you and i hope you pass.
  4. by   dimitri_bear
    thank you so much! now i know that i wont be bringing any cds that were just burned or any photocopy of any book..hope your friend is okay..its hard to concentrate with all thse things happening..did you study any kaplan reviewers? coz i always get like 50% no matter how many questions there are..i'm afraid i'm gonna fail..
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    i took ncsbn course last year right after i had a misfortune with the first try, had 50% correct atleast max of 80% on other area. wasnt able to finish it since i ran out of time (took 2 week course-left over from a friend's review) i am currently doing Suzanne's plan full time with high hopes. my total score is 30% with ncsbn, i dont know hows that happen. i am still on positive side.

    hope we pass. u take care on ur Guam journey. be safe and enjoy. let us know the deelopments.

    with my friend, the last time ive seen her was like 5 years ago or so, her mom is a new nurse here in Ca at that time. Got married to an american, tried to get her as a private nurse of his step dad. still denied.all she can do is cry and go disco everynight sigh maybe her way to release tension ei? its been her 9th almost 10th year now since she had problems with bringing photocopied stuff in usa.
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