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  1. hi i took the nclex on the 24th of june. Still no results! i was wondering .. anyone from long did it take and did u find out by looking on the BRN website??? Thanks
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  3. by   shell911rn
    Quote from bayb3e629
    hi i took the nclex on the 24th of june. Still no results! i was wondering .. anyone from long did it take and did u find out by looking on the BRN website??? Thanks
    Hi Bayb3,
    I also took my NCLEX the same day in Cali and am still waiting to see my name come up on the license verification screen (as are two other of my friends who took it a day or two after me). One of my friends who took it several weeks ago, it took her 2 weeks to find out if she passed, while another of our friends, who took it 3 days after my 1st friend found out in one week. We all thought that meant our 1st friend failed, but 2 weeks later, her name was posted on the BRN website. She said it was the toughest two weeks of her life. I can't help but feel they are enjoying it up there in Sacramento. :angryfire I don't understand why we can't have the same options as other states to get our preliminary results from Pearson so that we at least know we passed. That our state even has a say in whether my results can be released to me by a private company issuing this test (that I paid for, mind you) upsets me. I could care less about whether I get my license right away. I still have my Interim permit (until I found out if I failed or am licensed). I just want to know whether I should start studying again to take my boards (in 90 days...another thing that irritates me) or whether or not I need to tell my new employer that I will or won't be starting orientation with all the other new grads in 2 weeks. I'd hate to start orientation and have to tell them that I won't be able to continue because I failed the NCLEX. Talk about embarrassing! Anybody else interested in starting a petition here in CA to allow us to get our results through Pearson in 2 days? Let me know and I'll find out what we can do.

    Michelle :stone
  4. by   Belle03
    I am going through the same thing you guys are, except I took my exam on June 10. I already posted this in another thread, but the reason for the delay is that the BRN doesn't have my transcripts from the college yet. They were sent over a week ago but the board told me it takes them as least two weeks from the time they are sent to process them. They won't issue a license or even tell you if you passed or failed until your file is complete.

    I agree, we should be able to use the Pearson Vue site to get our results early. I don't understand why we can't. My life has been on hold for the last three weeks, I don't want to start orientation in case I did fail it. I can't believe we have to wait 91 days to retest too, that is crazy!

    I don't even know what think anymore, I just want to crawl into a hole.

    If there is a petition made, I'll sign it!
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    shell911RN...please let me know when ur name is on the BRN website so i can check too...
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  6. by   shell911rn
    Quote from bayb3e629
    shell911RN...please let me know when ur name is on the BRN website so i can check too...
    Will do, Bayb3. I'd like to ask you and other candidates for licensure in CA to fill out the Customer Service Evaluation form on the CA BRN website and tell them about your feelings on the lengthy delay between taking our NCLEX and just finding out if we passed. Print it out and send it in the mail AFTER you find out if you are licensed (that way they won't use your criticism of the BRN against you and delay your licensure). I think this is the best way to send a message to the board that each person can take upon themselves to do. Tell your friends from school to do it, too.

  7. by   shell911rn
    I forgot to mention to add to the BRN complaint form that we should be allowed to get our preliminary results from Pearson in 2 days via the internet or phone as occurs in other states. I still don't know one way or the other if I passed the NCLEX or if I'm licensed and this is ridiculous. It's been a week and a half now. Belle03, I am so sorry you are having to go through what you are going through and have been for almost a month. I understand that the BRN has had to cut some positions due to budget cuts, which is slowing down the process, even more reason why we should at least be allowed to know if we passed the NCLEX or not through Pearson. :stone

  8. by   ernurse3
    I'm taking boards on July 13th, I'm presently working with an IP permit and my employer has put alot of money into orientation and extra trainning. I did my externship for one semester at this facility, so everybody knows me. I would be so upset to hve to resign my position because of this. I would sign a petion in a second. :angryfire
    Keep me posted.

    TO all Good luck and remeber the Lord in all things, especially NCLEX
  9. by   angelesuniversity
    hi! NCLEX results in California takes like forever. I waited for 5 weeks! I didn't even get a letter from them that my files are incomplete.I was afraid to call and these were indeed the longest, terrible days of my life bec. my life was on hold. When I finally had the guts to call them, I learned of my incomplete file and they said they can not say yet if I passed or whatever happened to my results! I still had to wait!!! I too was going nuts! Thank God and was I soooo relieved to see, finally, my name in the license verification. Keep yourself busy and try to do what you like best to keep your mind off NCLEX even just a little while . It is indeed hard waiting and I can not comprehend while we have to wait soooo long. GOODLUCK to you!!! Keep the faith up!
  10. by   shell911rn
    Thanks, Angeles, for giving us words of encouragement. I called the BRN today and they can't even tell me for sure what it means when their computer says transcripts are missing b/c they may in fact have them and they just haven't been processed yet or they may not have them at all. I have to wait 5 business days just to find out which is the case (unless, miraculously, they were keyed in today) b/c they couldn't get a hold of the lady doing my file. I cried today because my friend (who took the test two days after me) had her name come up on the license verification website. At first, I thought to myself that must mean I failed. But, I already know this happened to another friend of mine so then I realized it doesn't mean anything yet, but I'm equally as frustrated. Plus, it's putting a strain on my friendship b/c as much as I want to be happy for my friend, I can't fake it b/c I'm devastated by the fact I still don't know anything yet. No news is no longer good news. It's like my life is flashing before my eyes and I am seeing everything fall apart and everything I've worked so hard for to end my financial hardship is just going to get harder and more expensive. I thought the hardest part would be getting through nursing school. I thought I had finally crested the top of the hill. I guess I was wrong. Sorry, I'm just feeling melodramatic right now. I'll get over it eventually. Just a bad day. I'll drown my sorrows in work tomorrow.

  11. by   Ari RN
    Boy you guys are tough......... I don't know if I could have waited so long for my results.
    Good Luck to all!
  12. by   anniputski
    hang in there, shell. i know it's freaking you out, but there's not much you can do. i also had to wait for a while for my fingerprints to clear. today, i saw my name on the online verification site and it feels incredible! our prayers are with you
  13. by   bayb3e629
    has anyone had to wait a month for nclex results only to find out they failed???? the wait is really getting to me and it sucks to think i could be waiting for a letter that tells me i failed!!!
  14. by   MSMCnurse2004
    Hi guys,
    I took the NCLEX on July 1st and my name was up on the BRN website within 6 days, They said it would of been up sooner, but the 5th was a holiday. Call the BRN and make sure they have everything they need from you or your school. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I took my test in Gardena, Ca (Los Angeles).