NCLEX in 2 weeks. How to study!

  1. I am taking my NCLEX for the second time, in exactly 14 days. I have the remar review and I have been going over it dilligently every single day for about a week now. Maybe less. But I still just don't feel prepared. I have done all the books with the Remar review, Watched the DVD's once, and am about to start watching them again.

    A big problem I have is memorizing my labs. I never could remember them and I still can't. There are only like 3 I can remember. Any tips on that?

    Help please. I really don't want to fail this test, again. And I only have 14 days to get this figured out.

    P.s. I do have access to ATI online as our school made it a requirement for us to do that during class. It's not the review courses, just the tests the school made us do. I can do those again as well.
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  3. by   swansonplace
    For items I have trouble memorizing, I use mnemonics, picture mnemonics, you tube, and I draw. If I make up a funny story, and make a drawing of the story it helps. Also, just plain old flash cards works for lab values.
  4. by   blessedBSNRN
    Search youtube. It helps!
  5. by   mali_santizo
    I'm trying to Mach them with something I remember like HCO3 is early twenties to my age.
    Creatinine is from a baby starts to eat to when they start to talk. 0.6 1.3

    Also watch this video