1. I have one week till the big day. I have taken Hurst Review twice now. I took the live review about a month ago, and just finished the online review. I plan on continuing to study the packet from Hurst Review. She guarantees to pass, so I am depending on this to be true. I am really starting to freak out a little. I have been reading post from this website and am really freaking out now. I plan on studying all day, everyday, till next Tuesday. If anyone has advice please pass it on. Good luck to everyone and wish everybody the best.
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  3. by   ManyRN2B

    I did online Hurst review and loved it. Everyone here pretty suggests doing questions per day and focusing on the rationale. Why the right answer is right and why the wrong one is wrong. I think you should be fine. Plus you did Hurst twice! Wow!

    Good luck! Another website you may want to look at is they have a weeks course for $49 with lots of questions. Everyone seems to agree the questions are as challenging as the NCLEX.
  4. by   shyne
    I'm using the site as well and I agree that the questions are very challenging. They have tons of priority questions as well. I hope that it all works out when I take the test next thursday.