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Hello guys..I am from philadelphia...I am just wondering I took nclex exam on last saturday (sep 9th) I had 77 questions...I felt like lot of the questions simple and couple of hard ones....What is... Read More

  1. by   semi-fly
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    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Hi everyone!!! I just want to know how to really pass the NCLEX... What books should i read and what's the best review center should i take I take.. Your suggestions will be of great help to me. I am from the Philippines and being an RN in the U.S is one of my goals in life.

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]Thank you so much and God Bless every nurses in this planet!!!
    Everyone seems to swear by Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination. Do a search for Suzanne4 or Saunders.
  2. by   Heather, R.N.
    Congrats John!

    OR Nurse, I recommend Saunders. It's the best!
  3. by   hlfpnt
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    Guys I passed by the grace of god...thanks everyone
    Congratulations to you!!!