NCLEX Completed, But Did I Pass?

  1. Hello everyone!

    So, I just took my NCLEX for the first time yesterday, January 11 @ 1400. I was nervous after it didn't stop at 75. I continued testing until the absolute last question, 265. I walked out not confident at all. I cried while I was testing, and when I finished. It was the worst feeling. Since I couldn't sleep last night I've been checking the VBON to see if I passed or not. Unfortunately, today is a state holiday in Virginia, and I probably won't find out if I pass until Tuesday because of MLK day on Monday. I did the PVT, and it wouldn't allow me to register for a new test after putting my exact credit card information in. I did it at 0245, 0945, and again at 1345, today... I know I'm obsessed. I continue to get the response stating, "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Can someone please tell me this is an indication that I have passed. Unfortunately, VA doesn't participate on the "quick results" so that's completely out. Thank you!
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  3. by   akulahawkRN
    Stop trying to re-register for the exam. If you're getting that response from the billing system, you likely have passed but this is NOT (by far) a 100% fool-proof guarantee that you have actually passed. They won't tell you if your exam has been definitively scored for pass/fail. What the billing system sees is that currently a flag has been set that won't let you re-register as you may have passed (there's no need to collect $200 if you've passed) but if the definitive scoring (which may or may not have happened) indicates a fail, then the flag will be removed and you could be billed.

    Go do something else. Have fun. Enjoy the weekend. Have some ice cream. Go bowling. Do whatever else (that's legal) and early next week check to see if you have a license. You can't change the outcome regardless of what you do, so don't worry about it and go do something unrelated to nursing, the NCLEX, testing in general... have fun and let it be.

    Seriously: stop. You'll end up looking like this guy by the end of the weekend if you don't stop...

  4. by   gibERler
    Thank you for your honesty! I will wait until Tuesday. All of my friends have tried to tell me to stop and just wait so I guess that's what I'll do.
  5. by   akulahawkRN
    You're welcome. Now all that having been said, please update us when you find out. You've survived nursing school, exam review, actually sitting down for it, so you have definitely earned the right to have some fun. Just please don't have so much fun that you're not here next week to update us!

    Take care!