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  1. I am hoping that this will help some struggling nursing students/graduates who prepare to take the NCLEX. I am proud to announce that I have recently passed the NCLEX (on my second attempt) and am now a Registered Nurse. The journey wasn't easy but looking back I would do it all over again. I am only writing this because I drove myself ABSOLUTELY crazy reading and rereading all the nursing forums about how to study and what to study. I felt like I was never doing enough or heading in a positive direction toward success. These are my thoughts and suggestions to others preparing to take the NCLEX. First and for most STOP READING THE NURSING FORUMS. I drove myself into states of complete panic reading hundreds of threads on NCLEX preparation. You know how to study and what works for you and stick to that. I personally was fortunate enough to be able to sign up for Kaplan online and just did questions. I did 150 questions a day and read the rationals. I would immediately jump onto this sight and look at the scores of what others had gotten and begin comparing my success to others. Please don't make my mistake it only enhances your anxiety. Stick to a study plan and don't revise it because you think you need to be doing more. My personal opinion and my success to passing the NCLEX was answered by doing NCLEX style questions. I didn't use the Decision Tree that Kaplan had taught I simply found knowledge in doing 100's questions and learning how to improve my critical thinking skills by repetition. I had a lot of weak areas that I needed to work on and probably would have benefited from doing the core content lectures but I know that I dont learn that way, and why waste my time on something I know wouldnt work for me! I also highly suggest reading the LaCharity book. This was a life saver and would benefit anyone!
    This first time I took my NCLEX I got all 265 questions and was so overwhelmed by the length of the test I found myself struggling to even finish it. I just wanted the test to be over and I think that led to my failure. I was devastated and defeated when I found out that I had failed but I did not give up. I passed my second time with the minimum number of questions and couldnt be more elated to be a Registered Nurse!
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