NCLEX advice??

  1. Hello everyone! I am scheduled to take my NCLEX at the end of the month. I was wondering if all you recent NCLEX-PN takers have any advice for me???

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  3. by   nursecrickett
    My goodness.....NO ONE has any advice for me??? The biggest worry for me is pharmacology.....was there alot of it on the nclex??

  4. by   myabutrn
    i'm taking the exam too on 1/29 and i just studied SAUNDER's RN Q&A's CDROM . i hope it will work coz some of my friends took the LPN exam and just studied RN books or cd's and they passed. but i'm still a little worried about it coz its my second time to take the LPN exam. i think its the same format but its easier than RN exam. LPN is more on procedure and diagnostic questions yeah some medication i just 3 medications. anyway , goodluck to both of us. let me know how was your exam. god bless!
  5. by   nursecrickett
    Thanks for the reply!

    So, this is your second time taking it, huh? What do you think you did wrong the first time that you are going to do differently this time? What kind of LPN school did you go to? I went to a vocational school out here in California (Maric College).
    Did you think you did well on the test? How many questions did you have before it shut off?

    I'm doing the Saunders-PN review cd and I have a ton of it left before next week......YIKES!

    Good luck to you too!!! Hope you pass!!! Keep the faith!
  6. by   frdsgrl11
    Hi Nursecrickett,

    I also went to Maric, I just graduated in September. I took my NCLEX on the 10th, still waiting for my results. I studied the Saunders, which is supposed to be the best, but also work on the NCLEX Gold Mrs. Quick has there at the school, very colse to the NCLEX.


    Good luck..
  7. by   nursecrickett
    So how do you think you did? What kind of grades did you get at Maric? Do you think they prepared us well enough for the nclex?
    I don't know Mrs. Quick.....I went to Vista Maric and graduated in Oct.
    Everyone I talk to says they are really nervous.....well....what can you do??

  8. by   myabutrn
    maybe i did not study well on that exam. i graduated in the phillipines and that was 1996 so its big difference and adjustment maybe that a one thing.anyway, i'm taking the SAUNDER's CD's for RN bec. i'm taking the exam too maybe next month after this LPN exam. when you gonna take the exam ? let me know how was it ok. goodluck to you too. and may god bless you always.
  9. by   DeLynn
    I just took the NCLEX PN last Wednesday and found out I passed on Friday.
    My test had a lot of priority, no calcluations, hardly no pharm, and for some reason like 5 questions on peritoneal dialysis.
    Anyway, I felt like I did horrible, the test stopped at 85 and I knew I got the last one wrong. I also tried to figure out if the questions got easier or harder, I couldn't figure that out. But I passed. Oh by the way, I used Saunders text and also the CD.
  10. by   myabutrn
    well, congrats to you Delynn! cheers for that. gosh i'm soo anxious about my exam and i dont know if i'm gonna cancel it or go for the exam on 1/29 . i'm still studying up to now on the saunder's cd and i'm have to finish it before thursday and i am now on fundamentals Q&A which is 405 Q&A . DELYNN do you got multiple choice on your exam. what else you have in your exam .some tips and advise. i need a little support here coz i'm freaking out......... :roll you see my head is rolling.

    hey, crickett when you gonna take your exam . let me know ok and goodluck to you!!!!
  11. by   frdsgrl11
    Congrats DeLynn, I know you can relax now. Good luck on your new career.

    Nursecrickett, I went to San Diego Maric. Maric can make a few changes to their cirriculum, to help prepare the students for the final prize..the NCLEX. You are more than welcome to burn a copy of NCLEX-Gold from me. It is formatted like the NCLEX.
    Let me know if you need any help.

    Tonya G.

    I will keep you guys posted on when I get my results
  12. by   loriLPN
    hey ladies-
    the thing you need to know about the nclex is that they have a really cruel way of scoring it...well, it not so much cruel HOW they score it but that they don't TELL you how they score it. you are given a few questions based on difficulty, like on a 0 to 10 scale. then they get you to the point where you get 50% right and 50% wrong, like you scored 80% correct at a level 4 difficulty but only scored 30% at a level 8 difficulty. whether you pass or not depends on how difficult the questions were on average. 3 or 4 probably wouldn't make the cut but 6 or 7 would pass. so if the test shuts off at 85 questions, that does not mean you passed or failed, the computer just figured your average faster... when i took my test i walked out of the room in tears because i knew that i only got maybe half of the questions right- which in nursing school would mean failure. knowing that you really are supposed to miss half the questions would have eased my mind, and i hope it does for you gals. oh, also- know that nursing school has prepared you for this test. if you paid attention you will be just fine. i didn't spent one second studying for the nclex and passed the first time. good luck!
  13. by   DeLynn
    I had all mulitple choice questions on mine. I only studied a little after I graduated. I just reviewed a few areas that I thought I needed reminders on. But almost everyone leaves feeling like they failed (remember, you ARE going to get some wrong and that's o.k. it's not based on the percent wrong) You should keep your scheduled exam date, don't put it off, it will only make you worry more.
  14. by   nursecrickett
    Hello all! I've been so busy studying for this exam I haven't checked this board....sorry!

    Thanks for the offer on the Cd....if I had met you sooner I'd have definately taken you up on it. Darn! I'm taking my exam Friday morning so I have only 3 days left to cram. I'm not sure if I'll postpone it. One minute I say yes, the next minute I say no...I think I'll just go get it over with and pray for the best!
    I was curious about the Maric curriculum comment though....what do you think they needed to change to help us prepare? That makes me a bit nervous!!!

    Congratulations on passing!!! Woohoo!!!! You must feel GREAT!!!
    Now what are your plans? Have any special interests?

    Hang in there. I can't tell you if you should postpone it. I'm having that dilemma myself, and I figure I have at least a 50/50 shot at this thing, so I'm probably just going to go for it and see what happens. I'm hoping for the best. I'm taking mine Friday morning, so when you get done taking yours on Thursday come back and tell me how it was!!!

    Thanks to you for your insight. I took some time last night to read the booklet that came with the ATT, and it told all about how they test you easy to hard and then back down and up again in a rollercoaster effect until you get 50% right and 50% wrong. At that point the computer looks at your competency level and its a pass or fail. That can happen at 85, or up to 205 questions. The scarey part is after reading numerous posts in the LPN Corner about how mostly everyone passes at 85, I just found out my friend knows someone who failed at 85. So....the moral of the story? You just don't know until you get your results! I just wish I lived in a humane state that lets you find out in a couple of days instead of a month! Yikes!!!

    Thanks you guys for all your help!