NCLEX. 75 questions and I am a Registered Nurse!

  1. Hello everyone,

    This website helped me to go through a very tough period of my life and I promised myself if I pass NCLEX I will post my tips and advise.

    4 weeks total: 2 out of these 4 weeks I was pretty lazy about studying, the other 2 I was in the library from 10 to 2, and from 5-9.

    Do not concentrate on the amount of the question you do. Concentrate on Rationales. Really understand the way they want you to think. That is very important.
    LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation, Assignment. Really helpful but some answers are wrong so don't blindly trust. If you feel the answer is wrong - research it.
    Saunders. Beautiful bank of questions. Especially pay attention to SATA and alternative question. READ rationales carefully.
    I reviewed all my power points and notes from the lectures. This is the best thing I did because I realized how much I forgot by the end of my nursing program. And believe it or not my NCLEX was all about how well I knew basics.
    Lippincott. I did the question from this book during the semester. I really like system-oriented questions and good rationales.
    Flash cards. I did a lot of flash cards just because I remember better when I write and review after.
    Facebook- group Cardiology for Life. review their pictures. actually it helped me on the NCLEX because I got a question about endo system and I immediately remembered the colorful picture from their page.
    Review the meds that are on TV commercials. Rationale behind this is your patient can ask you about them and NCLEX expect you to know new FDA approved drugs.

    Please REMEMBER TO TAKE THE DAY BEFORE THE EXAM OFF, relax and do not study. by this time you in a sensory overload and need to give your brain a break.

    NCLEX. day of the exam.

    75 questions, about 35 SATA, 1 picture, 1 - place in the correct order question, 1 question on medication that I have never seen before in my life.
    I had 8 am appointment, finished at 10. I got 75 questions, I had one scheduled break.
    First of all take all the time that you need cause you have 6 hr to complete maximum of 265 questions. If you tired, lost, confused - raise your hand, take a break, go to the bathroom, wash your face, stretch, do whatever it takes to calm yourself down.
    Next, ONE Question at a time. Read question twice. Questions are usually very short!!! read answers. Answer. Read question again. Review your answers. MOVE ON> forget about previous question. You have a new question to answer now.
    I got about 35 SATA questions. People say it is good when you are getting SATA question and that it means a higher level of question. I don't know about it. I just know that it was the most difficult test I ever taken. When you are reviewing procedures, meds, side effects - pay attention to the smallest details. Thats all I can tell you without breaking confidentiality.
    LOTs of priority and delegation.
    Know RN scope of practice.
    I always think in this oder:
    SAFETY -> AIRWAY -> BREATHING -> CIRCULATION -> any other crisis (electrolytes imbalances, pain, etc.)
    Patient who needs CPR? SAFETY -> CAB.
    I suggest taking ACLS course to really understand the algorithms how to evaluate ECG reading, right orders, meds in pulseless patients and patients with a pulse in different rhythms.
    Review your FUNDAMENTALS!!! NCLEX wants you to know how to perform basics without hurting a patient!!!
    Breathe! if you don't breathe you deprive your brain of oxygen.

    After the exam I was an emotionless robot. I felt NOTHING. The waiting part was the worst.
    I got a good pop up window within an hour after finishing the exam. 48 hours later I paid $7.75 for quick results and got my PASS!!! one hour later my name was on the board. I am a Registered Nurse!

    We work very hard to have this license. Be calm. You finished the program. You know the material. Be confident! BREATHE!
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