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  1. Hello nursing grads...I'm getting prepared to take my NCLEX sometime in the next 10 days unless I chicken out and reschedule for February. My main studying has been Kaplan Q-bank and Q-trainers. However, I'm not scoring as high as I would like. For some reason, I'm stuck in the mid 50 range...Whenever I review my incorrect answers, I always feel like I was 50/50 between 2 choices and normally choose the wrong one.

    Does anyone else have this problem? Do you think it's worth waiting until I score in the 60-70 range before taking the text? If I take Kaplan q bank and trainers again, I'll probably score in the 80-90 range which will be fairly inaccurate since it would be my 2 time taking.
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  3. by   Happyyolie
    Did you take qtrainer 7? If you scored above 60% go ahead. They say that qtrainer 7 is a good predictor on how you'll do in the nclex
  4. by   dgator
    I haven't taken q7 yet...Hopefully in the next 2 days. Hopefully I can get at least a 60 on that one. I made a word document with most of the questions I got wrong, and that has been very time consuming. Anyways, thanks for advice. BTW, I think I developed adhd while studying for nclex bc I can't keep focused and easily distracted
  5. by   dgator
    Hello everyone! I took the NCLEX today and it went pretty well, especially since I got the "good" pop up. I had butterflies in my stomach the past 48 hours with extreme tachycardia when i thought about the exam. For those who are worried, I thought I'd share by scores on Kaplan and explain my studying habits which helped me pass....Visiting this site helped relieve my stress and I thought I'd share my experience to "give back."

    Kaplan scores Q1 - 65.3% Q2 - 57.3% Q3 - 53% Q4- 56% Q5 - 56% Q6- 59.5% Q7- 58.5%

    Maybe this will give people encouragement because most people that posted on this site were in the low 60's.

    I did 100% Q bank, averaging 53%, making numerous stupid mistakes upon reviewing. I then reviewed the 530 questions (in Q bank) that I got wrong for second time. I also wrote about 20 pages worth of questions that I got wrong, and reviewed it daily one week before the test.

    I had about 19 SATA which was comforting and finished with 75 questions. Good luck to everyone!!!!!!!!!!! BTW, I have Saunders 4th edition that I didn't even open. I also recommend reviewing the study guide found on this site. I am a huge KAPLAN fan!!!!!!!!
  6. by   nurseGi
    Hey, I also did the Q bank and Q-trainers for kaplan during the summer. I would also score within the 50s-60 range and passed my NCLEX on the first try. Kaplan questions are harder then actual NCLEX. Just make sure you re read the ones you got wrong so you learn. Make sure to complete the whole qbank and q trainers! Good luck, you are going to rock it!
  7. by   nay08
    How can I get the Nclex study guide that came from this site?