My dilemma with 75Q

  1. I am really stressed I can hardly eat or move debating if I passed/failed. The only time I could have the courage to get up is checking Pearson.Thank God I found this forum to share the same dilemma as I have with the computer shuting off at 75Q to other future nurses . Definitely, this is the hardest exam i ever taken in my life my questions mainly consist of bunch of priorities/some meds that I haven't really heard of in my life and four multiple-multiples. The agony of waiting is like your waiting for a bomb to drop but hoping your not the target.The best thing is my parents & sibling have been lifting my spirits up that in case I do fail i can take it again and again. But, you know the worst thing I really want to be nurse but reaching there is really a tough road for me. What do u think if my exam shuts off @ 75 while indeed I read other people thread about 75Q some says that they know alot of people that passed but there seem a small percentage that failed maybe im one of them. I als have friends that went to 75 and they all passed. Please help me............
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  3. by   glamorous10aya
    You can have 75Q and fail but.......I haven't known anyone who has. Everyone that I know who has had 75Q has passed! If you feel like the test was hard, that's a good thing. That means you had the upper level questions. That is how I felt with my LPN boards and I took the minimum (85) and swore I failed but I passed!! Keep your head up, I am sure that you passed!
  4. by   ArielleLVN
    Good luck!!!! How long you have to wait?
  5. by   lenlen
    I took mine yesterday (march 22) in NY it said 2 business days. I don't know if they will release the results on a weekend I've been checkin' pearson every now & then. The wait is really killing is like my whole evolves around this test.Im really happy that I'm not the only one who experience the same emotions and can share it.Really glad i found this forum...
  6. by   futuregaspasser
    Good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you. My husband took 75Q mostly drugs he hadn't heard of, some priority, and he unfortunately did not make it.
  7. by   #1972Carolyn!
    Dear len len, i took my my nclex on march 22nd also and i received 75 questions also!!!im officially freaking out and it seemed to be harder questions !!!i had alot of priority and like 4-5 calculations!!!im so nervous and will pray for you as i am every 5 seconds for myself!!!let me know!!! carolyn...
  8. by   lenlen
    Hi Carolyn,

    I know how u feel.When I took the test I was hoping I get more calculations coz its my strenght but i end up with just one calculation in turn i have several priority questions which I dreaded the most coz thats my weakness when I do practice question. I don't know the odds of passing the 75 are? When I got out of the testing center I felt that Im a complete idiot.feeling I'm doomed to fail. But hoping against hope that we all passed. If not you know doesnt mean we are failure maybe its not time for us yet.We will try and try again....Good LUCK...MY PRAYERS FOR U TO. Thanks!
  9. by   #1972Carolyn!
    Hi len len,

    I just found out that i failed the nclex,this was my third try and i think now if i will ever pass this test???Im so discouraged and I just want to crawl in a hole and not come out until someone says "this is just a dream"!!!I hope that you passed your test so that you will never have to go through this pain!!!!Talk to you soon , keep me posted!!! Carolyn...