my daily study log

  1. yesterday i did
    100 kaplan qbank
    kaplan questiontrainer1
    PDA chap 1 on pain
    listened to hurst review on the endocrine system

    4 more weeks to go i am writing out my achievements each day to give me motivation i am finding it difficult to study with my newborn but i am determined with Christ in the vessel i can smile at the storm. come on we can all do it
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  3. by   begosh
    Good luck to you! Prayers, perseverance and dedication...sounds like you got all these!

    I'm 3 weeks away from taking NCLEX RN and my anxiety level has started to rise. I have studied until I'm exhausted. In fact, I study late at night till the wee hours as I can focus and retain better.

    Yes, we will successfully conquer this NCLEX beast!
  4. by   lady shev
    tjhank you and goodluck. you can do it. keep on revising and try to relax easier said than done i know but then we don't want to get into the exam and be too nervous to concentrate. please keep me posted on how you are doing.
    with God all things are possible.