My apologies

  1. I must admit that from the outside looking in I thought all of you who got the "good pop up" and finished in 75 questions were silly for still being nervous about your results. However, after battling the nclex monster yesterday and being in the same boat now I've pretty much been nonstop refresh mode with my state bon and I've said to myself, "well, maybe I better try the PVT one more time just to be sure" at least 10 times (or was it 20? It's all a blur).

    I humbly raise my glass and tip my hat to all who are waiting on the final results in our moment of eustress.
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  3. by   vannyze
    Haha, I'm laughing because I used to think the same thing when reading about people not believing the PVT and being so nervous. Some states have a "Quick Results" option where students can pay a small fee to see their "unofficial" results, and people were saying they still didn't even believe that. I used to think "wow, how silly." But then it happened to me, I did the PVT maybe 10 times or more always getting the "good" pop-up. I didn't really believe until my name appeared on the Ohio BON website. It's been a week today, and I STILL hardly believe it. lol
  4. by   LeeLeeTheGPN
    Eustress. Ha! You passed! Claim it.
  5. by   lolaviex
    I'm having that experience as we speak! I used to think others were exaggerating or being irrational. But.. I took NCLEX today and left the testing center 100% convinced that I failed. The test wasn't particularly hard and that worried me. I thought maybe I wasn't answering correctly so I was getting the easy questions. It shut off at 75 questions, I did the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop up but I'm still not convinced. I really will not believe it until I have my official license number. I think it's a combination of the anxiety and the anticipation. For most of us this has been a long time coming and it's almost unbelievable that it's happened.
  6. by   BurgundySwanson
    So, my wait is over and I am officially an RN. This support group....I has been great to relieve stress and visit throughout the journey so I thought I would share my immediate reaction upon seeing my active RN status.

    Ron Swanson Dance Loop (FULL SONG) - YouTube

    (I read the tos and i'm assuming it is ok to post the youtube link. If not, I will remove immediately)
  7. by   SunshineDaisy
    I am still in disbelief and have known for a few days! It's kind of weird...
  8. by   tnbutterfly

    Posting a You Tube link is OK.