Maslows, ABC, or Nursing Process? How to use them properly.

  1. So, I'm reviewing all of my material, doing Remar review, using the ATI practice tests that I still have access to from school, and while doing practice questions a few minutes ago, I missed one. The rationale was to use the nursing process to answer that question. So I got to thinking, what comes first? When I'm answering questions, should I be thinking ABC's, then Nursing process, Then Maslow's? Because I am aware that all of those are important in answering questions, but under what circumstances do you use them?
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  3. by   Kahmi
    You want to first determine if you have to do more assessment before you implement which will take you to Maslow and next ABCs. This is what I think.
  4. by   SA Girl
    The Kaplan book is really good at explaining this and the PDA book is good at asking questions based on ABC's, maslow, and nursing process. The way I understood it was if it was life or death apply ABC's and when using nursing process is based on what the question is asking. For example, if the nurse already assess the patient in the question then of course the answer will be to implement. The nurse noticed that the patient had a possible fracture so for her to know it was a possible fracture then she had to have already assessed him... or if the patient told the nurse his leg was hurting the answer would be to assess him...I hope this help. Just remember to read the question and make sure you know what is being asked of you.