Made 1,160 on HESI. Anyone know....

  1. how that may compare to NCLEX? Anyone taken both and can compare the two tests?
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  3. by   mom2michael
    Our school uses the HESI as a NCLEX predictor. According to them, it is fairly accurate with anything over 850 being a good predictor that you'll pass the NCLEX. Our school swears by this and they claim it to be very, very accurate in past classes.

    We take it during the week of finals and it is used as a guide for us to study for NCLEX and help us focus on our weak points.
  4. by   chelli73
    Hi there! Long time no post for me! I have taken both the HESI and NCLEX and I can definitely say the two are nothing alike. That being said, I got a 924 on HESI and passed NCLEX the first time around. I don't credit HESI with passing NCLEX, IMHO, all the credit goes to Kaplan Question Trainer--the 7 test CD. In any case congrats on passing the horrible HESI and good luck on the NCLEX beast!!!!!