Low Kaplan Scores, Passed NCLEX

  1. So allnurses was my go to website to ease my pain while studying for the nclex and now I want to share my experience.

    To start off, I graduated in May 2017 and I was not able to get my ATT until mid august. So naturally, I decided to spend my summer relaxing and not opening a nursing book AT ALL. Not the brightest idea! I finally scheduled my exam for September 29th and got to studying September 1st.

    My scores definitely were not in the range kaplan encouraged people to get and I obsessed over them to the point I made a damn excel sheet! This is the breakdown:

    Okay looking at my question trainers you may be like... ummm those are good scores she lied! But my qbanks were SO LOW and discouraging. So my scores were ALL over the place and my patient care categories were not so hot either. My Qbanks were HORRIBLE and the one time I got a 72 was because I had 10 med calculation questions on that qbank. I didn't do any content review and strictly just did questions and remediation of all the questions I took.

    I didn't get to finish all the materials before I took the NCLEX because I was lazy and I ran out of time...but I just tried to hype myself up and not let doubt get into my mind

    On the day of the exam I was PRAYING to only get 75 questions (and pass) but I knew with my Qbank scores being so low I was going to get more... and I did. My exam stopped at 127 questions with 30 SATA, 1 med calculation, and 1 put in order. PHEW and it was not that hard!!!

    Stay positive! You can do this! If you have questions please ask!
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  3. by   aaronj2005

    I purchased the Kaplan Qbank this week, however it does not contain the QTrainers. I understand you said your Qbank scores weren't so hot. However did you feel that the Qbank questions prepared you well? Similar to NCLEX? Are the QBank questions supposed to be more challenging or higher level questions compared to the Qtrainers?

    Thanks & Congrats again!
  4. by   Godsdaughter30
    Thank you for this. I took my Kaplan Sample Test and I scored a 42%. I was seriously ready to give up. Thanks for the encouragement.