longer than 48hrs?

  1. i took Boards on the 9th and still haven't received my results. I finished with 75 questions and felt pretty good walking out of the testing center (this was my second attempt -- first time was 265 questions)
    I live in Pa and most people I know that passed with 75 found out pass results in 48hrs...anyone wait longer for pass results?
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  3. by   Markthemalenurse
    Boki, try this web site http://www.licensepa.state.pa.us/ Type in your name but don't worry about the license number. If there are alot of people with your name then you may have to do some searching for your name and it may have the information you want.

    After I waited 48 hours after taking the NCLEX, I typed in my information and it had me listed.
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  4. by   Heather, R.N.
    They may have held your results for some reason. I'm assuming PA participates in quick results? If so, you might want to call the BON there and find out if your results are being held for some reason...
  5. by   Boki
    Thanks for the advice...my state does not participate in quick results so i guess it's just another few days of the waiting game
  6. by   ashley_michelle
    I took mine the 8th and still haven't found out. I'm in WV.. who doesn't participate in quick results either. But the first time I took the NCLEX.. I knew that I had failed days before this. So I'm not sure what the hang up is. The BON hasn't been helpful.. and I think I'm gonna call pearson vue this morning to see if I missed something in the application process that's putting a hold on everything? I was in the middle of changing my name.. but I dont think that's the problem. Good luck... this week has been so stressfull!
  7. by   Boki
    ashley_michelle....i know! this wait is absolutely killing me!!!!
    i really don't feel like i failed this time around..and with the weekend coming up, the waiting is even longer!
    let me know what pearson says..i hope you get results soon...at least i know someone is in the same boat as me! (we can sulk together! LOL)
  8. by   ashley_michelle
    I just called Pearson... and they said that the results HAVE been sent. They were sent electronically. So he assured me that they were there. But, he said the 'official' results could take up to 3-4 weeks. But this is just rediculous. I knew the next day after taking the test the first time that I failed. And almost everyone in my class knows that night or the next day. I haven't heard of anyone having to wait this long. I'm driving myself crazy.. and developing OCD checking the BON site and the mail. I'm just not sure what the problem is. Like you, I felt confident when I walked out after my test.. but with this wait.. I'm starting to second guess myself. And I'm just thinking that after this whole waiting period.. watch me fail again. I felt so good after that test was done.. and I was thinking that I'd be surprised if I failed. But now, I have no idea. this just sucks. I'll call the BON again today.. the lady was out to lunch.. There should be no lunch allowed until I know my results. haha. ... wishful thinking.
    .. I tried to get the guy to give me my results when I called pearson vue. But he just laughed and said sorry. ... it was worth a try!

    ..I'll keep you posted.. and you do the same!
  9. by   Boki
    I am so glad that you replied to my post..i feel like there is someone out there who is just as OCD and crazy over this thing as i am!
    my husband thinks i am driving myself crazy for no reason..but he doesn't understand when everyone you talk to has received a PASS result within 48 hrs and here i am still waiting (for the second time!)
    i do not know what i will do if i failed again...i mean, i don't even know how to study anymore because there wasn't any indication with the test this time around that leads me to believe that i did that poorly! i got a lot of prioritization, delegation questions (that's a good sign i assumed)...you definitely have to keep me posted on how and when you get your results..i'm just praying for both of us that we passed!
    are you working now? i was supposed to start next monday ( i took the summer off because we had our first baby in July!) but i don't know what i will do if i didn't pass...i can't even think about it anymore (but you know i will!) LOL
  10. by   ashley_michelle
    Congrats on the baby!! My husband is also telling me to chill out... and that I'm driving myself crazy for nothing as well. haha. And I agree with you that it will be hard to pick up and start studying again because I felt SO good about it the 2nd time around...and there was no indication that I had failed either. I had a lot of delegation/priority as well.. and no math.. (which I did have the first time )
    And it's hard that everyone calls me asking if I passed.. my mom and dad call everyday I think. haha I was expecting to wait a couple days because I took it on a Friday.. So, I was thinking if I didn't hear by monday or tuesday at the lastest.. then it was ok to start getting nervous. But a week?
    I woke up on Monday very anxious and just wanting to know... ( that's continued all week, obviously..) But here was my daily bible verse that came up.. it almost gave me chills.

    Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
    Philippians 4:6-7

    So.. with that.... I'll be praying for you as well! I've tried killing time with just about everything... but I almost dont want to do anything but sit here and try to find out if i passed. haha. it's really quite sad.
  11. by   ashley_michelle
    oh, ps.. No, I"m not working. I got married about a month ago ( Aug 12 ) and I'm not allowed to work until I pass my boards. Well, unless I want to get demoted to a CNA.. which I'd rather not do. I'd be a CNA for my friends that just passed and are now out on their own. So.. I'd rather stay home I think. But I started work back on June as a GN, took my boards on the 13th.. and on the 14th I was a 'nurse intern.' As a nurse intern, I carried the role of a GN pretty much.. but just couldn't write focus notes and all that stuff. The nurse that I worked under was VERY nice in the fact that he did let me do a lot.. so that when I did pass I wouldn't be so far behind. That role was only supposed to last 45 days.. and I HAD to retest when I was eligible again, but I thought that with me getting married... I'd just wait until after the wedding and then retest a few weeks after we were back. Which I think it worked out fine. ( I'm praying ) But I think that was one of the things that held me back the first time around on the nclex. That with graduating, getting married, moving out, starting a new job.. and lacking confidence that I could actually master this beast... I wasn't successfull.

    But we'll see! Will your job let you work as a GN until you know if you passed?
  12. by   Boki
    Congratulatons to you too!
    I actually did 2 weeks of in class training back in June and then took the time off to have the baby. I should be starting on the 25th as an RN but training like a GN would (because of the mixed up schedule).
    But now..i don't know what i am going to do..i'm still trying to hang onto the hope that i passed then i won't have an issue..but if i didn't, i am not sure how things are going to go. I really don't want to go work as a CNA so i'd probably just stay home and retest -- then either work for the same hospital or somewhere else...God, i really don't want to think that way!
    I am so nervous to get the mail today too -- i just realized that if i didn't pass, this week was enough time to get the 'big brown envelope' out!
    I've been on this computer all day! I agree with you..this is pretty sad to be this obsessed but so much is relying on these results!
  13. by   ashley_michelle
    Thank you! Well, I just spoke to the lady from the WV BON and she said that they have 30 days to mail me the results. And they haven't recieved the results from the testing center... but I could call back at the end of next week. I'll definitely be crazy by then. Man this sucks.