Kaplan Scores & NCLEX Readiness

  1. I know there are a ton of these threads, but none are particularly recent.
    I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their Kaplan scores and discuss their readiness!

    Trainer 1: 68%
    Trainer 2: 70.7%
    Trainer 3: 48% (not sure what happened here, haha)
    Trainer 4: 57%

    Diagnostic 1: 68.3%
    Diagnostic 2: 80%
    NCLEX sample test 1: 68%
    Readiness test: 67.7%

    My cumulative score is at a 54%, but that's also averaging a handful of 0's from tests I never finished.

    I am super nervous about taking the exam, and definitely don't feel ready, but have to have my results by early July, so I'm hoping this is good enough!
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  3. by   Blueberry86
    What about trainer 5-7!?
  4. by   CatrachaRn
    I was told you can only take the KAPLAN DIAGNOSTIC once, but you have two?
  5. by   greencrna
    I just took my test today, I didn't do the Kaplan questions at all. I don't know whether I pass or not. But two of my friends who took the Kaplan all got bad scores in all their Kaplan questions. I think the highest one was only 63%, the other scores were like, 48, 53%. But they all passed their NCLEX by one time. therefore, I really don't think these Kaplan diagnostic tests or whatever they call are accurate.
  6. by   Blueberry86
    Ya as long as you understand the core of the questions you will do fine. I hope you passed! Let me know when you hear back please
  7. by   Mindylane
    Haha, I'm working on trainers 5-7 this week. Hopefully my score will improve from 3/4... those were pretty low.

    We had two diagnostics... they were part of our final Capstone grade.
  8. by   _Skittles_
    You are supposed to aim for a 65% although my Kaplan instructor said anything above 60% is in pretty good shape! Good luck!!
  9. by   Mindylane
    Eh, I just took the next trainer and got a 57%