Kaplan NCLEX-RN Review Course, What to expect?

  1. I paid to take the in-class Kaplan NCLEX-RN review course. What do we during the class? Like, what should I expect? Does the instructor just talk the entire time going over the decision tree and how to correctly interpret and answer questions? Do they engage the class and have us answer questions out loud? I just want to know what I'm getting into.

    Also, can I bring my laptop with me?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   TU RN
    I took Kaplan about 5 months ago. The first class was a lot of talking about the Kaplan class schedule and online tests/quizzes, the NCLEX itself, the Decision Tree, and some of the other established test-taking tips/common myths. After that, you pretty much just do review questions in class, apply the DT and other "tool kit" tips. They go over the rationales for the answers also. It is very interactive in that each student is asked to take on a question and apply the DT. They weren't super intense with grilling people about questions though. The people you're taking the class with are in the same boat as you so don't sweat it.

    The real value of Kaplan is the online question bank IMHO. It breaks down your areas of strength and weakness in the same way NCSBN breaks the NCLEX down and lets you test in those specific areas. My advice is to write down stuff you don't know in class, ask questions, and review at home the stuff you still need work on. Also, you should stay on top of the question trainers and tests per the schedule they provide you with in the book (there's a lot). Finally, read the rationales after every question - this can be exhausting after taking a 180 question test and getting 70 wrong but how else are you gonna identify your weaknesses and improve, you know? And you can certainly bring your laptop.

    It's a lot of work, but it paid off for me. I passed my NCLEX the first time and in 75 questions! When you do finally sit for NCLEX, do not panic over getting a lot of difficult/alternative format (select all that apply >:|) questions - it means you're being tested at a level of difficulty above the standard of passing so keep going! Happy studying, good luck, and best wishes!

    TU RN
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  4. by   sunshyne17
    If it is the in class version, you will come the first day, do introductions, talk about the decision tree and then do practice questions but as a group.

    I liked our instructor, she had a tips list at the end and a study plan to use to prepare for boards. It includes content review, focused questions (on different areas), qBank, qTrainner and alternate testing prep.

    Def worth it!