Just took the nclex-rn this morning. had a lot of teaching questions and meds

  1. So I just took the nclex this morning. It was rough, as expected.. I got all 265 questions and most were meds and teaching questions. I had one calculation question which was the last question and I don't think I got it right..I'm so scared and nervous..anyone else take it recently??
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  3. by   kebong
    try PVT
  4. by   BMC7
    I took it April 1st and I got 82 question but felt like you feel after I was done. I did pass but couldnt wait the 48 hours so I did the Pearson Vue trick it is very accurate. I have a coworker who took it in March and she got all 265 question and she passed. Be encouraged!
  5. by   siamesedream
    When should I try the Pearson Vue Trick??
  6. by   BMC7
    You can try it now. I did it as soon as I got home from the exam
  7. by   siamesedream
    Thanks, I'm trying to stay positive right now!!
  8. by   siamesedream
    I did the trick, I got the good pop-up. But I just finished the exam only a couple hours ago.
  9. by   BMC7
    You passed! You can go to bed in peace and wait for you license to come in the mail. Congratulations!!!
  10. by   siamesedream
    I really hope so!!! It does relieve some anxiety a little. Thanks!
  11. by   Caribena
    Took my test this morning as well, I have done the PVT three times so far i have gotten the "good" pop up too. Praying.
  12. by   BMC7
    It's going to be the same :-) I did it like 25 times before the 48 hours was up. Btw it will be exactly 48 hours before you can pay to get the unofficial result. I literally tried 5 minutes before the 48 hours and still nothing. Once again you passed :-) but I know the feeling you want to see it in writing :-)
  13. by   siamesedream
    Praying for you Caribena! We'll just have to wait I suppose!!
  14. by   Caribena
    I passed, the pvt works.