Just took Nclex RN for second time

  1. I'm freaking out. It shut off at 86. The first time I had 265. Was near passing standards in every subject. What are my chances of failing with 86 questions, I'm so nervous
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  3. by   NurseTracey561
    I can only imagine what you are going through . Take a deep breath ,you made it through and you did your best . Pray about it . I'm sure you did fine .
    Wjat materials did you use?
  4. by   lisa861971
    I used Kaplan uworld and lacharity, the first time I only used kaplan
  5. by   NurseTracey561
    Ok. Great
    I too am using Uworld ,lachatrity , and Saunders . I test in a week . Praying you pass !
  6. by   lisa861971
    I did the PVT. And got our records indicate you have recently scheduled this exam, another registration can not be made at this time. OMG. Is that the good pop up
  7. by   NurseTracey561
    Yes that is !!!!
  8. by   ItsMikeRN
    Congrats in advance
  9. by   lisa861971
    Thanks I can't wait to find out for sure if n sunday
  10. by   lisa861971
    I passed!!!
  11. by   NurseTracey561
  12. by   NurseTracey561
    Girrlllll you have no idea ,cuz I too have the same exact percent on Uworld ,n I'm using hurst n Saunders in replace of your Kaplan ! The whole day I'm like I hope she passes cuz lord we got the same score !! Lol
    sure enough you did ,ugh I'm relieved n happy for you ,good job !!
  13. by   kookie100
    Hey how long did you study Uworld for? I feel like there's not enough time to do so many resources so I stuck with only Uworld
  14. by   lisa861971
    I did the one month then I bought two more weeks, I think lacharity book also helped me