Just took Nclex RN for second time - page 3

I'm freaking out. It shut off at 86. The first time I had 265. Was near passing standards in every subject. What are my chances of failing with 86 questions, I'm so nervous... Read More

  1. by   lisa861971
    I hope your test went ok. Let us know
  2. by   NurseTracey561
    How long after did you do the trick ?? I got out at 11:30 ish .. I just did the PVT and go the good pop up @ 2 .. I'm scared
  3. by   Sprikitik
    Congrats!! Taking mine sept 22.
  4. by   lisa861971
    I did it about 4 hrs after. Omg congrats. How many questions did u have.
  5. by   NurseTracey561
    I went all the way to 265 . I'm so scared . I did the trick 2 hours after . I saw on YouTube that's what people suggested
    this was my first exam ... I'm so scared cuz what if the trick is not real . I will check it again before bed around 9.
  6. by   kookie100
    Good pop up is a good thing! At least it eases you that it's not bad
    was it similar to Uworld questions for you?
  7. by   lisa861971
    Pop up works u r all set. Congrats