Just indulged in the NCLEX beast at 10am this morning!

  1. Being that I loved when others shared their entire nclex process, I wont dare hesitate to do the same. I'll start by saying my original test date was July 11,2013 but I felt ready because I studied for nearly 2months waiting on my ATT, an so I felt like extra Qbank questions wouldn't help. I was ready to just go for it. So this past Sunday I bumped it up to July 6,2013. This entire week I was anxious to be done with this beast but I wasn't terribly anxious like I've seen other posters say they have been. Luckily, I was able to ride up to DC an enjoy the 4th to get my mind off everything, so instead of the recommended 1 day off I took 2 haha.
    Now, the day before I guess you can say I somewhat relaxed, but I did read over the study guide floating around this site WHICH I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.By the end of the night Is when my nerves started to kick in, I tossed and turned an finally went to sleep. My test was at 10:15am I set my alarm for 6am just for any inconvenience I might encounter. So I woke up, an did my usual routine of shower blah blah. Ate a light breakfast, gathered my supplies, Talked with my mom an headed off to test.
    As I drove, I played gospel music to suppress any anxiety, because I knew I was going to take my lord in the exam with me, although I am a guy I did get a little emotional on my way(don't judge me haha)being that this is the end of the road. Arrived at the testing site and said a prayer before I exited just to not let me pass but to allow my critical thinking skills and prioritization skills to allow me to do so,so I got cleared through all the fingerprints an scans as if I were checking onto my next flight and finally sat down to test!. Did the tutorial an said a prayer right before I clicked the next button to start. So i started off an thought "hey this isn't so bad compared to kaplan". Got to 75 and it kept going, I honestly didn't care I planned for 265 and that's exactly what my ass got haha!
    I knew as soon I it went from 130 to 180, to 200 I was going to get the whole thing. I never really got fatigued but If i got less motivated I just stopped to say a prayer to keep myself focused. I only used the first break and that's all I truly needed. I got a bunch of Infection control, prioritization, 1 delegation,Peds, Pysch, around 5 or so meds, about 15 SATA'S, I didn't get 30+ of those because I received about 10+ Exhibit and drag and drop questions haha maybe they exchanged them or something. But as I approached the end I honestly felt horrible, I just knew I failed and I did not really care to continue, I felt as if I started to guess on some of them. When I got to my last 15 I prayed that he keep me focused to critically think these last few questions. My last few were prioritizing, and application questions my very last was an SATA.
    I said to myself maybe thats a good sign, BUT i walked out of there feeling like crap. I know how everyone else feels now! So I drove to Panera Bread to eat and reflect and pysch myself into doing the PVT trick. I finally did, AFTER reading tons of posts on here of people who past with 265 haha. An there it was, "THE GOOD POP UP" I was relieved. Drove home blasting my gospel and thanked my awesome god. Well that's my story an I wish you all much success. I just hope that it's accurate!
    I will say to all the future test takers to relax, because they aren't asking you much of what you already don't know, just in a different format. I know your probably reading this like whatever you sound like everyone else but NO, they truly arent! I want to give hope to all the average kaplan score test takers feeling down. I averaged in the high 50' middle 60's. My highest was 70 on the qbanks. My lowest was 48% after doing over 200q/day, so don't get discouraged. Im not the perfect christian but I am a true advocate for god. Take him to the testing site with you! Thats what I did, although I just knew I failed I would tell myself I trust My lord that I passed. All in all I think the test was simple, hard yes, but simple! Kaplan helped me alot, yes the questions are similiar, PDA was a huge help, but honestly I think it was prayer that allowed me to pass.
    I'll end this with Goodluck to you all! any questions I'll love to answer. Once again, relax! It's yel550i Guaranteed you'll be ok!! haha
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  3. by   tperrix3
    Thanks for all of your input and your strategies!! Im taking mine in August. What is the study guide you're talking about on here? A lot of people talk about it but I can't find it! I'm buying the kaplan qbank and review. It's the $129 one I believe. I can't afford the $400 one! Is that the one you used? I don't want to use too many study guides I feel like ill get super overwhelmed. So I was going to get Saunders comprehensive book for content to review and just do all the qbanks. And hopefully if I find that study guide!

    Congratulations!!!!! And thank you again for your help!
  4. by   carebear007
    Thanks for sharing your story with us, very inspirational!! I take mine on Monday and could use some extra prayers.
  5. by   deepu245
    Congratulations...and thanks for sharing..
  6. by   yel550i
    Thank you all! Hey @tperrix3 Its a 35 page study guide that's awesome to look over especially for infection control. Just search "nclex study guide" on allnurses an it's the 4th link. An as far as the qbanks yeah Im pretty sure that's what I had. My school brought it for us along with the live review and the QTrainers as well. But your ok because the in class review was not helpful at all in my opinion. Just like you, I too used saunders for content so great choice an I have to recommend PDA. But stick to that and i personally think you'll be ok. It's truly simple anything more an you'll be over studying like i did but hey, you never know whats on it I guess. You'll do great!
  7. by   somewhereoutthere
    Congrats!!!! I took nclex today and got all 265. I prayed multiple times and got the good pop up! Praise God!
  8. by   wfas457
    Can you say an extra prayer for me tonight? I take my exam tomorrow at 2
  9. by   yel550i
    @Wfas457 I just did. I asked that he allow you to utilize your prioritization skills as well as your critical thinking skills to allow you to answer each question correctly! To allow you to enter your testing site free of anxiety and to not get distracted by others, If frustrated by the exam that you pray! Good luck my friend! You will do great! I look forward to you informing me of the good pop up you'll receive tomorrow!