Is the NCLEX-PN like ATI?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I take the NCLEX PN on Friday for my first time. I have done the ATI virtual review, and I received my green light last Monday. On all my ATI assessment I averaged about in the 60's-70's sometimes 80's. I've also read the Kaplan book on the test taking strategies, and I've looked at my Mosby's memory note cards for pharm. Even though I've done all those things I still don't feel ready! I just wish I new how "intense" the NCLEX was going to be, so I would either study a little more, or chill out. I really need to pass, because I don't want to have people know that I've failed, and I don't want to pay out all that money, and have that depression! Can anyone compare the difficulty of the NCLEX with anything? Is it easier than ATI, harder, about the same or different? Sorry for the rant, I'm just freaked! Thank you everyone!!!
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  3. by   nurse2b121212
    Hey lizzy, I just took the Nclex-Rn today. Our school utilized ATI big time! I would say that ATI and NCLEX are pretty similar. I usually made in the 60-70% range on my ATI proctored exams. Got an 89% chance of passing the NCLEX according to our final ATI exam. The test stopped at 75 questions for me and honestly I did not study at all. I did take Hurst review live, and "glanced" over some things the night before the test which did not help me at all. I honestly feel like the stuff I did know on the exam were things I remembered from nursing school. Just remember, choose most life threatening condition, assessment before calling doctor if there is something you can do as the nurse, rule out two answers then think the other two through. Take your time and really pay attention as to what the question is asking. I almost missed questions today from not rereading the question and determining what it was really asking of me.
    And don't freak out if you leave the testing center feeling like there's no way you got even half of the questions right. I have heard this from many people and it is also how I felt.
    I went into the testing center with confidence, prayed a bunch, and tryed to keep my heart rate down...I was sure everyone could hear it thumping away lol.
    Good luck, and sorry if this doesn't make much sense. I'm exhausted from driving to take my test and have had an emotionally draining kind of day.
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    Congratulations on your RN! Well it sounds like we have done about the same on ATI, so hopefully that will do me some good!