IS it Good to Read MOre or take practice questions MOre..

  1. Hello Guys! Can u pls help me? I learn more by answering questions and reading rationale. Though in my first try to take the NCLEX, I didnt pass. I just review Mainly because, I did not have a knowledge on what to in patients with Addisons, or PErnicious Anemia or MEchanical Ventillator?

    Now I am preparing to take my second exam early of next year. I need advice if i should read now, or do more practice questions such as SAunders. I know for myself reading is not my way of learning but I learn more byanswering questions and understanding answers.
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  3. by   MelRN21
    Do both if you have time! Take questions and whatever you find you are having difficulty with--- read up on it until you understand! Good luck... you will do great!!!

    Melanie RN
  4. by   ms_sweet_kimmy
    hi eliza... what really helped me was... Saunders 3rd edition. i read the whole book and answered the questions after each chapter... i did the CD that came with it.. but not too much.. coz i got lazy.. lol.. i found that some of the questions were repetitions from the previous ones.. anyway.. i finished the whole book for content.. and did the for the questions... i took the 3 weeks course about 3 weeks also before my exam... thing is.. i took the LPN exam 2 weeks before my RN. I registered for both just in case i didn't pass the RN.. that way i had a license either way.. anyway.. taking the LPN first really helped... i was able to pass it.. and i also gained confidence.. i wasn't as scared to take the RN exam... so.. i passed both..

    everyone has different learning techniques.. i'm just sharing what worked for me.. i hope u find a technique that works for u... i wish u the best.. if u have any questions pls feel free to pm me or something...

    oh.. i'm in Saipan too.. graduated at NMC... take care..

  5. by   ms_sweet_kimmy
    One more important thing i failed to mention..............


    I really felt like i wouldn't have passed if it weren't for God.... You will be in my prayers.. remember he is compassionate and he will answer our prayers in time... i hope all goes well for u...

  6. by   eliza_mae017
    Thanks Kimmy truly appreciated..:spin:
  7. by   ms_sweet_kimmy
    no problem.. good luck!!!!!!!