I took the NCLEX-PN today...

  1. Hey All:
    Since I regestered to take my NCLEX, I've been checking in daily to this site to get advise, tips, and motivation to get me to pass..... I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who posted about going in with CONFIDENCE because it greatly helped me keep my cool today when I finally took the test..... Here is my input:

    When I walked into the testing center, I was totaly had a "poker face" of confidence. Inside I was shaking, crying, and convinced Ihad already failed. When they started checking everyone in, I nervously started to laugh at how it felt like we were being checked into a jail or something.... "empty your pockets, patt yourself down, finger/palm scan" LOL.... oddly, this calmed me down to a point that I was able to give myself a quick reality check, quit thinking the worst, and focus on the questions..... So Tip #1 is to laugh at yourself.....It is what it is! Tip # 2: Saunders Comprehensive 4th edition, Exam Cram-pn, and NCLEX RN 3500 were what I studied with..... (Im too poor for Kaplan or Hurst).. Be sure to get used to questions!! I didn't count how many I did per day, but I'd estimate it at 200 per day (I just did questions until my brain went foggy) Tip #3: Review The RANDOM FACTS sticky on this site, it was an excellent resource to review, along with the 35 page file that can be found in one of these threads - I literally read this packet right before I went in to the test.......

    The test stopped at 85 questions (the minimum amt. of questions), and I left the testing center in a foggy state, but about two hours later, I got the good pop-up..... Lets all pray it truly means I passed!!!!

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! My experience in nursing school was HORRIBLE-- My confidence was shaken so low that I almost quit..... PLEASE go into the test feeling happy to be there, confident (atleast poker face happy) and focus on what the question is asking..... There were ALOT of meds (most ofthem I had NO clue on), many SATA questions (not really hard ones), and tons of Priority questions, 3 drop and drags..... no math, no hot spots or audio questions BEST OF LUCK to you all. I have faith in you even if you dont have faith in yourself.... Hopefully someone will think of my experience and be able to go in with less anxiety.....redbeathe:heartbeat
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    congrats!!! i take mine the end of this month!! hw do i get to the random facts???