I passed! Nclex-Pn 2018

  1. Hi everyone I seen alot of people who did their NCLEX story and it gave me so much motivation and encouragement so I decided to share my story.

    -My last day of nursing school was Dec.14.2017
    -I registered with Kbn Dec.4.2017
    -I got my Provisional license and att dec.19.2017 And scheduled my exam for jan.3.2018
    I had 2 weeks to study and I answered about 800 questions before my scheduled date. On the day of the test I got nervous but I took my time and tried my best and the test stopped at 85 questions!! I had alot of SATA, meds, and priorty questions. As soon as I got home I did the Pvt and got the good pop up! Today(Jan.4) about 8am I checked Kbn and it was official! LPN was next to my name. I just want to wish everyone the best of luck if I can do it I think anyone can and thanks to all the advice and encouragement on allnurses!!
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  3. by   nicknac26
    Congrats I took mine today shutoff at 85 I'm SCARED to do the Pearson Vue trick so I'm just gonna wait it out
  4. by   richiesmom
    Thank you! I know how u feel I was scared to do it too but I couldn't wait I had to know but I hope u passed! let me know
  5. by   J.Adderton
    congratulations on your accomplishment... not an easy task.
  6. by   nicknac26
  7. by   kcole21
    Hey guys! I finished my test today! So nervous. I felt like I failed! Mine shut off at 107 or 108. What are SATA? So I did the over just once like 4 or 5 hours after my test. I got the good pop up but I used a prepaid debit card to check. Does that throw off the good pop up? Any advice to #waitingitout ?
  8. by   Nurse4sure
    SATA means select all that apply. If you got the good pop up.. 9x out of 10 you passed.. you should be able to purchase the unofficial results through Pearson Vue for 7.95 on tomorrow Jan 14 to confirm you passed. I just recently took the test on Jan 9. I got the good pop up 4 hours later.. on the morning of January 11th I checked Texas Bob and my R.N license number was there! It came up even before Pearson Vue quick results I didn't have to purchase quick results. I hope this helps you luck.
  9. by   Kazi2014
    how did you prepare for NCLEX ? please help thank you
  10. by   Nurse4sure
    I used Hurst review that review and the audio of Mark klimek who used to write questions for the actual state board Nclex exams. Hurst review was tooooo much information and boggled and clogged my brain.. I couldn't remember it all. Remar Review is more simple and straight to the point with easy ways to remember. I purchased her questions and went through them daily. Mark klimek is who I really believed helped me. He really breaks every thing down and teaches you what to look for and just how to answer the questions. I believe his lectures helped me pray the most.
  11. by   Nurse4sure
    Helped me pass** the most
  12. by   Teamwor1
    Hello everyone, I graduated December 2017 from pn school, I am yet to take my nclex pn because i am so scared. Please any website or testbank to buy? I am working with saunder pn new edition now, but it will take me forever to complete all the topics. Please help me
  13. by   Cicelyn76
    I know the feeling, it is scary. I downloaded apps on my phone to answer questions on the go. I believe you have what you need to pass! You went thru school, now your reviewing.Go for it! I'll be praying for you.
  14. by   Alciugacr
    UWORLD is a great tool. i know 6 people (RN & PN) including myself, who used uworld and passed. It is worth it. Now, dont be discouraged if you score low on the practice tests, I would score between 50-70%. FOCUS on the rationals.

    I also used simplenursing.com videos to help understand diseases i was uncertain of, and the book "nursing made easy" the week before my exam. Good luck!