I Need Help!!!!!!!!

  1. You guys aren't going to believe what I did! I took my nclex on monday at 9am so the results would have been up today at 9am cuz it's wednesday, but I had to work 12 hours today so I decided to wait until I got home to check my results. Well, I forgot my passwork for pearsonvue so I asked them to email me my new passwork and it's been over 1 hour and they still have not sent it to me and the wait is making me insane! and THEN to make matters WORSE, I tried their 900 number and I'm getting a recording saying that the number is NOT VALID!

    It's bad enough I had to wait all day to check my results but then to have it postponed like this is awful! And to top it off, I have no control over when they will email me a new password...I have to work 12 hrs tommorow and EVERYBODY is waiting on knowing my results. I don't want to go into work not knowing if I passed or failed!

    Does ANYONE have ANY suggestions?
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