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    I have failed the nclex-rn 2 times in Florida..I am planning to take it next month..I am aware that if you don't pass the third time you must take a remediation course/clinical hours..I am trying to be prepared for anything..If for some reason I don't make it next time (max time in FL) --can I still take it at another state?..what are the states that allow you to take it multiple times and how many days do you wait to take it again? here in FL is 45 days..do you you suggest to take it one more last time in fl and then take it at another state? will I have to take a course at another state before taking the nclex..I need advice..I was near passing in all areas on my report and 3 above level...I was very close!...I am going to keep pushing forward and I am NOT giving up...thank your help and guidance!!!...God Bless
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