I feel like a Failure

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    I graduated from nursing school in 2009. I am a single mom of 2 and work 55+ hours a week. Besides work and kids and house hold duties.... well I do not have a lot of spare time. I have taken my test twicw. Once agter I had my baby... about 9 months after I graduated and then again last summeer. The main reason it is so long in between tests is I can't afford $400.00. I don't have cable or anything that is not needed. I have been out of school so long and still not a RN just a Graduate Nurse. I feel like a failure. Has anyone else taken their test more than once and not passed. Any advice on how to study? I am exhausted when I get home and make dinner and clean and do homework with my oldest and then get them ready for bed. Last thing I want to do is study even though my mind tells me to do. I just want to relax. Any help???
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  3. by   Godismyangel
    First off hugs to you. The only advice I can offer to you is to go to bed early with the kids and get up early in the morning to study for maybe an hour or two. Study on your lunch breaks. Keep your head up. It is plenty of people on this board that has failed twice but the third time seem to be the charm.
  4. by   iluvnursing07
    I know how you feel susie. I have 3 kids and also taking of my family which i have alot on my shoulders. I attempted the nclex pn numerous times and still havent passed. I was laid off work in january of this yr but with Gods blessing He still provides us with basic necessity in life. With or without a job it is hard to put time in studying but i try to sneek in questions here and there. I purchased the kaplan pn qbank and it has helped me alot especially in critical thinking. Good luck with studying and hopefully you find a solution in trying to studying!! Have faith!
  5. by   Danielle318
    Check your PM Susie
  6. by   susiejnh
    Thanks for the hugs! It is so hard! My aunt just passed her boards yesterday. She has been working as an LPN for years, but now I feel like I have even more pressure on my shoulders. I do not get a lunch break at work. It is pretty much crap. I have tried sneaking in my books and I end up in trouble. Even though I work at a hotel at the front desk and there is nothing to do alot of the time during our slow season. I feel like they don't want me to leave sometimes so that is why they will not allow me to study. I am soooo stressed!!! I have anxiety as it is and when I went to take my tests I can feel the anxiety/panic attack coming on. Does anyone else have this problem? I graduated with almost a 4.0 and the top of my class. I actually helped others. I wish the test was them putting you in a situation and seeing how you would handle it. No one in a quiet room where you are being recorded and can't move around or skip questions or anything. I just don't get what I am doing wrong....
  7. by   susiejnh
    Has anyone taken any of the reviews? I have heard of the Hurst and the NCSBN review for like $50. is it worth it? Where do I find it? Like I said... I do not have a lot of money but might possibly be able to do that one if it is truly 50. Or is there a place where I can go and people would be willing to give me their old books or whatever they used for free or SUPER cheap?
  8. by   arclark
    Hurst, while pretty expensive ($300) is very content heavy whereas Kaplan is more strategy. I am using hurst and I think it is doing a great job of watering down all of the important material and making it easier to understand. Also the LaCharity book is great if you don't feel too confident with delegation and prioritization. I haven't taken the NCLEX (test next Friday..eek!) but so far I have seen an improvement in my NCLEX practice questions..GL
  9. by   susiejnh
    I wish you luck on your test!!! I am interested in the Hurst now... but... wow... 300 to me feels like 3,000. I am already struggling, but maybe I can find a way to come up with the money. Maybe an angel will donate it to me haha. I know I can do this... but when! I just am exhausted and so down on myself.
  10. by   roseonye
    well i am taking ncsbn 5wk review and i love it. it has pretest, contents and the the post test which u can take many times and most of the questions dont repeat themselves. i also have ati which was provided by my school. good luck.
  11. by   Godismyangel
    I would promote Hurst Review because that what I used to pass my boards with 75 questions. It is pretty pricey but worth it in my opinion. It waters down everything in a way to is easy to remember. Plus the videos are only an hour long and that would help considering that you don't have a lot of time. Hope that helps.