How To Pass The NCLEX RN -- Really

  1. I heard a lot of success stories from friends who passed the NCLEX-RN and the titles of test prep review books they brand as their key to a passing NCLEX score. As a result I was recommended several books to review for the NCLEX. However, the reviewers here on this site convinced me into going with Kaplan and Saunders plus I had already gotten an older edition from a friend so I knew and liked the lay out of the book. The rationals in the study guide were good. I spent my time on two areas only, the "Content area" and the "alternate item format." I think the test content area embodies all other aspects of the book that is why I focussed here most. However, the NCLEX review that helped me pass the NCLEX was the Test Score Breakthrough NCLEX-RN review. I suggest you make your own flash cards in the area you feel the weakest in. You can find them in any search for NCLEX Review Test Score Breakthrough. End result, I passed thanks to myself, nursing school material and the NCLEX Test Score Breakthrough review. The questions were very very similar and straight to the point. If you are thinking NCLEX, Saunders and Kaplan is helpful too, no doubt. However, a lot of my friends failed with those especially the first time. By the way, if you are weak in an area that you are aware of, you'd better study that area first before going to study mode to reinforce things. Good luck to all sincere and qualified soon to be registered nurses.
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    Congratulation!!!!!!!!! And thank you for your suggestion.