How many of you felt like you failed but passed? - page 2

I know alot of people say they do but lets here your "I thought I failed but passed" stories. I am a nervous reck and could use some reassurance. Thanks!!... Read More

  1. by   RNroseshea
    congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. by   pamperME
    Quote from TheCommuter
    Virtually nobody leaves the test center seriously thinking that they passed.

    This examination is designed so that the vast majority of students answer only 50 percent of the questions correctly. This test works like a balancing beam: if you answer questions correctly, the computer throws progressively harder questions right back at you. If you miss questions, the computer spits out questions that it deems to be 'easy.' Therefore, very few people leave the test center feeling absolutely certain that they passed.
    you are absolutely right,i just took my nclex pn for the 3rd time and it shut off around 111 questions. wen i got off from d table i cried because i had this feeling that i didn't pass again but im still giving myself a positive thoughts. When i got out from the testing center i felt numb and dizzy and trying to recall the questions i encountered from the test but coudnt remember at all. For me it was the hardest test ever. I had bunch of prioritizing, meds, no calculations, few labs, and i believed 6 SATA. Now, im still waiting for the result and hoping for the best. But i can never scape this negative thoughts everyday.