How long until you got your Maryland results?

  1. Hey everyone,

    I took my exam on Wednesday morning, and it clicked off at 75 questions. I was wondering if anyone else has taken the NCLEX for Maryland? If so, how long did it take for your results to show up on the nursing board's website? My friends got their Virginia results within two days. I'm getting antsy!
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  3. by   hllybenn
    Have you tried your state's BON?

    Here is their website

    and to look up a license is

    Ours (PA) goes up in less than 48hours...

    Hope it works (and its good news) Let us know!
  4. by   np2b
    Yeah, that's just it. I can look up a license in Maryland, but my name isn't there yet. I know that it's possible that I didn't pass, but I've also heard it can take up to a week for people to get their license posted. I was just hoping that someone has taken it recently and got their results online, so that I could gauge how long I'm going to have to hold my breath. (I COULD pay the 8 bucks for the unofficial results, but I kind of feel like I've paid these guys way too much money already, you know?)

    Keeping my fingers crossed....
  5. by   np2b
    Well, for you guys taking it in Maryland, it takes them about a week to post the new licenses. (I caved and called in for my unofficial scores after a week, and the license ended up showing up later in the afternoon.) I passed...thank heavens!