How long did you study for the second attempt? Social Life?

  1. So I failed my nclex this past week. Boo! Moving on and studying again because I WILL pass this test. I have decided to use the ATI tutor, review kaplan strategies book, medication notecard book and browse saunders and lacharity books which are the ones I used before to study for my first attempt.

    I have to wait at least 45 days so I am thinking of retaking sometime between late aug and early sept. I don't want to wait too long and forget everything I already studied for. Does this time frame seem decent enough?

    Another thing I wanted to ask the community of students. I have a bad habit (which I did during the majority of college) of not having a social life when I am studying hard for something like finals, etc. I did this when I was studying for the nclex, and thought it would be okay since I would pass and enjoy the rest of the summer (obviously I failed so that plan didn't happen). I am also married, and although my husband is wonderful and super supportive, I know when I was studying for the nclex our relationship suffered a bit since we couldn't always spend time together, go out etc since I was always either working (I work full time) or studying or catching up on sleep. I know I need to find a happy medium but its tough, especially now that I feel even more pressure to pass this test since it'll be my second attempt. How do you guys manage it all? I just don't want to not have a social life because I think distraction is important too. Blahh, I don't even know what I am asking. I guess I am just wondering how everyones manages time, family, work, studying etc.

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  3. by   Lane007
    My two cents-forget the social life and get this knocked out. And don't feel pressure about failing. Look at this situation completely different-You just got free insight into what to expect. Take it at the same center too. I told myself if I failed I would only let myself be upset about paying $200 and everything else was a bonus for preparing me next time. Conquer this!!