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What I did to pass NCLEX-RN: When I took NCLEX for the first time, I stayed up all night the night before (huge mistake.) I don't think I had my "head right." Being mentally prepared... Read More

  1. by   leahbee
    I failed for the first time yesterday. Your story was so nice to read right now. I was moping around all day and beat myself up for not passing. Your story sounded like mine, but I went all the way up to 265 and I didnt get a lot of SATAs, so I knew I am doing pretty bad. But I'm not sure why I went all the way up to 265. Maybe I was one of those people they just give all the questions.

    I purchased Hurst as well, but taking the test I forgot sooo many things. So I knew I wasn't prepared enough.
    Thanks for your inspiring story, I will keep studying and remember the "right" things to do
    And congrats to you of course!!!!!
  2. by   CaliRN124
    My exam is next week so I am starting to freak out. I didn't not pass the first time. I got 163 questions and I sat there fore 5.5 hours and did not get up not even once to take a pee, water, or snack break. I just sat there with panic and feeling I was failing or that I was dumb and couldn't answer these questions. I feel that was my error in taking the test: Not feeling confident and anxious. Before the exam I almost got into a car accident because I printed the wrong PDF sheet. Drove to Office Max. Made it on time and felt already like it was bad sign.
    I'm scared and anxious....of the What if?

    Didn't pass in Nov. This is what I have done so far: Read all of Saundars and did all the questions at the end of the chapter. I have done about 400Q on the CD. Bought PrepU and have done 1500Q on Level 6 or 7 on each topic. I have re-done all the trainers from Kaplan expect 7 that will be friday. I have scored 70-78%. I plan on finishing the PDA book. I have looked over the study guide at least 4times. I also did Moby's questions that are in flash card about 400. Because my date is so close I was thinking maybe re-scheduling it?

    Any advise, support and insight would be great! Thank you for listening to me!
  3. by   Jhawkgal11
    Congratulations to those of you that passed and good luck to those of you that will re-take! I also failed the NCLEX-RN the first time. I was pretty devastated. I have always had a lot of test anxiety and knew I would have trouble with boards. I graduated mid-November and took the boards the 1st time Jan 2. I had 99 questions. I had to wait 45 days in order to re-take and I too exactly that. I just re-took boards on Monday, Feb. 17th. I had around 120 questions. I did the PVT and got the good pop up!!! I obviously can't get too excited until I have concrete official word that I passed. My advice is to not give up!!!!! My Kaplan scores weren't the greatest even 2nd time around, but I'm confident with my general knowledge in Nursing as a new grad! I just let my anxiety get the best of me!!! In all honesty, I felt the pressure and panic worse the 2nd time compared to the first. That was mainly due to the pressure that I had my dream job on the line. The hospital held my position and said not to worry and just focus on studying. They made me feel better by telling me that since the changes to the test in 2013, that they had unfortunately seen a higher fail rate for the 1st time test takers they hired. It was wonderful they held my position, but I KNEW that it was a one time extension. I HAD to pass the 2nd time. Like a lot of other people, I studied my buns off essentially the 3 weeks before the test. On the day before, I did not study. I got my nails done, I got a massage, and spent some quality cuddle time with my 5 year old baby boy. I took care of me. Before the test, I had to keep telling myself, "You've got this!" "You WILL pass." I took LOTS of deep breaths while I tested and most definitely used the power of prayer before, during and after! I am still waiting for official word, but the PVT helps relieve tons of the anxiety for official word. Good luck to you all! God Bless!
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