HI!New here, How long NCLEX wait?

  1. Hello to everyone!
    I'm new and just took NCLEX exam here in California.It's been a month since I took NCLEX and no results yet. I have been visiting this site and it has helped me a lot, knowing a lot feels and felt the way I feel now. And how inspired I am just reading all your messages. That inspite of these challenges, it feels great to be a nurse. But the greatest wall or challenge I feel I have to face is the NCLEX!!! Can anyone please advise me how can I check what has become of my exams? Thank you a million!!! I am happy to be part of this site and to allnurses.com Thank you too!!!
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  3. by   dwag
    i have recently taken the nclex and my state board, AZ, allows pearson vue to release my unofficial results via their website. however, this costs some money so what i did - and what you might be able to do - is i went to the arizona board of nursing website and requested online verification of my license. fortunately, the search found my license - confirming to me that i passed. this is a little sneaky but it is free and it will at least let you know if you passed or not. an entire month is really a long time. most results, unofficial results, are back within 48hrs. overall, check with your testing company Pearson Vue? if no success check online at your board of nursing for verification. i did receive strick instructions, however, that we should not call the board of nursing for results. good luck to you and i am sure you did great!
  4. by   Yvonne RN-2004
    I took my boards in CA also and passed. But if I were you, I would call the board of nursing because you should find out within 2 weeks unless they don't have your transcripts and they really only have 30 days to get you your results. I called them after 3 weeks and found out that they had lost my fingerprints. So if I were you I would definately call them.. Good Luck....