HHEEELLLPPP.. Soo confused on NCLEX retake

  1. I really would like to seek advice from you. I received my official result the other day and I failed the NCLEX-RN. I am really confused right now. I'm caught between having a job or retake the exam. I'm really short of budget right now, but my mom is willing to help me in other payments using the credit card. The Vermont state board already had given me a reapplication form. Is it after 45 days or within 45 days when I can retake the exam? My ATT is valid until only January 19, 2007. When I will reapply do I still have to wait for 3 to 4 months to be eligible and to wait for my ATT? DO I still have to pay the exact amount for the ATT and for the scheduling like the ones I had paid before?

    I would like also to ask.. If I were you, will I continue to review or work? THe lecture only is much cheaper than lecture plus the use of facilities, but I can only afford the lecture but I really would like also to use the facilities because the study environment unlike here at home where there are lots of distractions since my mom can't help me on that aspect of review payment.

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    hello. i too failed the first try. received my results a day before christmas eve. sigh. i am sorry to know that u failed too.

    the 45 days retake policy usually takes effect from the day of your last test/nclex exam. you must submit the re-take application form together with the 75$ fee. once you receive your approval from the BON, you will need to schedule your re-take/re-exam from pearsonvue. you will need to again pay the 200$ exam fee. upon receipt of payment, you will then receive a new ATT, previous ATT becomes void once you take the test even if it states it is still valid until a certain date. i recommend online payment and registration as transactions online is way faster than mail. takes only minutes to receive your new ATT where as a week or 2 up to a month by mail.

    take the test anytime you feel ready and comfy. if you feel you still have too much doubt and too much anxiety (anxiety and doubt is just normal actually as long as it is not too much) then you shouldnt take it yet. better to read more, develop confidence more.

    have you read posts here about Suzanne's plan? it is free and will only require you to have one book. The 3rd edition Saunders comprehensive review for nclex RN/PN. there's a sticky post on Nclex discussion forum about the first tip on Suzanne's plan. pls read it. once completed with the requirements, send her a PM. she will reply and continue on the 2nd step of her 6 weeks Plan. i am planning to take nclex rn again by 2nd week of march and i am about to start Suzanne's first tip. the passing rate on her plan is tremendously high. But if you prefer the a classroom based review, there are numerous review centre in the philippines that has high passing rate as well. altho u really need to invest your time, energy and money to do it. whatever works well with you really. ive known 2 review centres in PI years ago with high pass rate higher than Manila based review centres. i forgot the name of the other one but they wer rivals in Baguio City. People come from different parts of the country just to attend his review. the only review centre that i can recall is the labagnoy review centre.

    hope this helps. goodluck to both of us.:spin:
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  4. by   Jhen
    Thank you very much for the info and for the advise!!! It really did calm me Good luck to both of us!! I will follow suzanne's guide