help with the steps for restest nclex-rn

  1. Hi, i took an nlcex-RN last week and I found out that I fail. I had been feeling down for the whole week now. But life is not end there. Life must go on. Now I am plan to retest again. To retest again, I may need at least two to three month. My question is how do I go about to retest? Am I gonna fill an application to the state again or I just fill application to pearson and when should I fill it out? Thanks.
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  3. by   renri4
    You will receive the result thru mail and if you failed, along with the result is the application form from the state board of registered nursing for repeat/reapply examination application fill it up that form then mail in what ever state are you in.The retake policy requires a minimum of 45days between examination.(the date you took your exam)oks!:wink2:
  4. by   nurseangel5
    I took my test on the 14th and also did not pass! I got my diagnostic from the board of nursing on the 17th. I already sent back my money and resubmitted my applications. On the 46th day from the day you took your test you can take it again. Once your board gets your application and you pay your money again to Pearson you will receive another ATT which should have an effective start day which is 46 days from when you took it. Hope this helps and good luck to us both!!!