Help with nclex pn.. Failed once

  1. I could use any help that anyone could offer. I graduated in feb and failed the nclex in April. Now I'm not only trying to figure out how to pay for the test again but also how to study. To be honest, we had a small class of 15 and only 3 people passes the nclex... To give you an example of how horrible our preparation for the last year was. I really need to pass this test. Does nyone have any study guides, study plans or resources to share. I currently have all the ATI books, nclex pn made easy, and a little nclex fast book, like the lab values book but I don't even know where to begin with studying. Please help.
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  3. by   marygeller
    What school did you graduate from if u don't mine me asking ? Don't feel bad I failed it also I am now working again to take it hopefully next month , u r right it's not easy it's hard and costly. I will recommend to take hurst review, I took 3 day live review and its really a good refresher! I honestly feel good about this that once I master the core content I WILL PASS!!!!!! My friend just took her NCLEX Monday and she pass, she took the 3 day hurst live review! She said its very helpful! I will let you know after I pass this NCLEX!!!!

    Good luck to you!

    Don't forget to pray

    I am Praying & studying at the same time!!!
  4. by   eelise11
    Thank you very much. I have some material to review but I cannot afford to pay for a live review or believe me, I'd be doing it. We don't have much money as it is and I haven't even figured out how to pay to take the test again. I'm scouring the internet trying to find any free resource that i can find but I guess mainly what I need is a study plan. I just don't know how to study for this except to read every book I have, page by page, and I'm not retaining any information that way. I went to a vo-tech in Pennsylvania. We were a satelite campus and had one instructor for everything. She knew her content well but had a horrible way of conveying it to the rest of us. She was rude and belittled students on a daily basis and now here we are, almost 6 months after graduation with only 3 licensed nurses. Some people haven't taken the test at all and the ones that did, all failed but those three.