Help? Really need some advise :(

  1. I failed NCLEX twice, both reached 265 and the requirements expire in November or December so I need to take it. But its so hard to stay focused and study with all this ******** going on, my mom constantly nags me and puts me down for failing, she yells at me like "You failed cause you don't know the answer!", "even if you take a third time you'll fail!", "you keep reading but you still can't get it!" and a whole bunch of other narrow minded ignorant responses. It's so frustrating cause I know I can but she keeps pushing that I'm dumb and she has zero knowledge about NCLEX. Then my aunt who's a nurse keeps saying "you don't need to reach 200, just answer correct and it will shut off" well yeah if I'm consistent. WTH!! It's like nobody understands me, I want to move out just to review but I'm broke and jobless right now. I should just be able to shut this kinda stuff out but I can't especially since I'm stuck living with my mom. What do you suggest I do? It's a confidence killer and I can't stay focused cause I want to kill somebody! I'm so angry all the ******* time. Please help me I'm so lost and no I can't talk to either; I've tried but they're old and narrow minded and think they're always right. This has been my problem since my first AND second take.
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  3. by   queenzeus
    Hi sorry that you failed. Can u go to the library and study there. That would get u time away from your mother and don't have to hear all the negative things she have to say. Please don't worry about your aunt comments everybody test is different so if it takes you another 265 question don't worry. Just take it one question at a time. U can do it sending a big hug to help u on your journey
  4. by   K_girl
    I agree...sounds like a toxic environment. I would find somewhere to study like , as someone suggested, the kibrary. Do you have any friends that you can stay with occasionally or other relatives?