help, need advice nclex in two days

  1. hi there to all am going to take the nclex rn 2 days from now i only got 53% in almost all kaplan questions and 55% in ncsbn exams, am i ready for the nclex exam? pls help i need advice
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  3. by   Euphrosyne7
    Hi Clay:

    I want to wish you luck! I don't know if anyone ever feels completely ready for the NCLEX.

    For preparation, I reviewed Saunders, did some Kaplan questions from a disk and also ncsbn. I took the NCLEX on the 24th of January, and unfortunately, my state does not participate in quick results so I am still waiting to find out if I passed or not........The test stopped at 75, and the questions seemed to be pretty difficult to me. I guess my advice is to take as long as you need to really think about your answers (within reason), and remember ABCs, labs, etc. I had a ton of priority/delegation, about 7-10 pick all that apply, and 2 were I had to place 5 things in the order I would do them as when doing them as a nursing intervention. I did not get a single math question but did get several medication questions, most of which I had no idea about.

    Well good luck, try to relax the night before you test.
  4. by   Leilah75_RN
    best of luck to yah...hope u make it... be confident, take a deep breath and pray before the test... keep us posted...