Help Me Guys! I Intend To Take Nclex But My Subjects Came From 2 Different Schools

  1. Help Me Guys! I Intend To Take Nclex California But My Subjects Came From 2 Different Schools.
    I Was A Medtech Student For 1 And A Half Years Then I Shifted To Nursing And Stayed 1 Semester At School A. My Subjects During My Medtech Studies Were Credited When I Shifted To Nursing. After That I Transferred To School B, Continued My Nursing Course Until I Graduated. In Short 2 Years In School A And 2 Years In School B. The Problem Is My Subjects Are Scattered. We All Know That There Is A Form For The Breakdown Of Numbers Of Theoretical Instruction. I Just Want To Know If I Still Need To Ask School A To Submit A Form Containing My Anatomy And Physiology? And Another Question, When I Applied To Cgfns Exam, I Just Asked My 2 Schools To Submit Forms. In Nclex Do I Still Need To Ask Both Of My Schools? Thanks!!!!!!!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    ok i had the same scenario. 4 years of nursing and 2 different schools. what my alma mater did (school which i graduated from and not the first 2 years of college) is they have rewritten all my grades from the previous school on one whole transcript of records. noting the subjects and the name of my previous school. the nclex just asked for 1 TOR and that is from the school where i graduated nsg at. u should submit the forms necessary for nclex to the last nursing school u attended and they will do the rest:P hope this helps. and good luck!
  4. by   herbert10
    thank you miss leila. i just did what you told me. let's hope for the best. right now, i am here in philippines. because of retrogression, my employer couldn't petition you have any idea of when the congress of america will discuss about this issue. thanks!
  5. by   Leilah75_RN
    i have no idea. yaan mo magpepetition ako sa congress lol. i didnt experience it since i processed all my papers in LOndon where i used to work as a neuro nurse. besides its my husband who petitioned me. took only 4 months where in if i did it in the philippines, it will take me 2-5 years due to backlog.